old year resolution

Can you believe it's already December first?!

This is right about the time when people are in the heart of lazy season. My lazy season started in September & I refuse to let it continue on any longer.

I have a theory about New Year resolutions -- I never give anything up. Instead, I choose to start doing something positive. I think this is a great way to look at things & not get wrapped up in all of the New Years resolution insanity out there. But let's be honest; we all have a few things we could probably give up once in a while.

I'm testing out a new idea -- Old Year resolutions. I'm going to try to use December as a time to get my life in order so I'm all set to keep up the good work when the new year arrives. This is going to include: keeping cleaner & more organized apartment; working out more & eating healthy; learning more about my industry as well as other things that interest me. I might use some of these suggestions as well...
December is my birthday month, so I can already justify being a little more selfish this month. This time, I'm going to switch that energy from "gimme, gimme, gimme" to "do, do, do." I'll keep you posted on the progress.

Wish me luck!

Side Note -- My friend Suzanne at Tracing Suzanne is inadvertently making an Old Year resolution as well, although hers is much less selfish than mine. Suzanne came up with the brilliant idea "Feed & Follow" & is donating one canned good for each person that becomes a follower of of her awesome little blog. Do yourself a favor & become a follower. It's a win for you & for the greater good!

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