blogger superlatives: when i grow up i want to be...

While I wish that I could update this blog with original content on a daily basis, that's just far from reality. I started Easy Tiger because I saw so many inspiring images, ideas, stories, etc. across the web & I wanted to: a. create a catalogue of the things that really stuck out & b. share my finding with anyone else that might have similar interests as me. I've been following a superstar list of bloggers for several years & they each have a special & unique place in my heart (& my Google Reader). I want to use this Blogger Superlatives series as a way to introduce my humble list of readers to some truly exquisite bloggers, as well as say "thank you" to some people that are a true inspiration to me.

First up...

Joslyn Taylor of Simple Lovely

This is no joke -- I want to be Joslyn when I grow up. I'm sure her 24-year-old self was great too, but I look at her as a mom, wife & adult & I think she is just perfection.

I admire the way she encourages her "girlies" to appreciate the arts & develop their own personalities. I dream of the day that my house & wardrobe have that effortless & simplistic perfection that she pulls off oh so well. I respect the attainable goals she sets for herself & her ease with the written word. I love when she admits she's human (because in my eyes she is Superwoman).

If I had to pick one person that I admire the most in this vast blogospere, Joslyn is it. She is the epitome of a good role model & I am so thankful that she shares little bits of her life with me & all of her other readers.

Thanks, Joslyn!


(all photos pulled from Simple Lovely)

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