i was there : avicii

Show: Avicii

Location: The Congress

Date: 6.26.11

Favorite Song: There is just something truly beautiful about "Seek Bromance." That song will always make me feel all tingly inside. I love hearing it live & I'm pretty sure the sold out crowd at The Congress would agree as well.

Memorable Moment: Avicii is kid, yet he is so unbelievably talented. He can sell out a crowd of thousands & perform with the biggest smile on his face. You know right away that he's living his dreams & that's pretty awesome.

Biggest Letdown: Hardly a legitimate letdown, but his sets felt pretty identical to the one's I had seen during Ultra. It'll be interesting to see the way he progresses as time goes on.

This Show: was the second one of my night. I knew it was going to be a great time & I was certainly not let down. That kid has some skills.

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