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Not too long ago a discussion came up about the top 25 most played iTunes songs. I typically listen to music on my iPhone, so I knew my iTunes list would be a little dated. I perused through my top songs last night & was pleasantly surprised with how exquisite my musical taste has remained despite genre. 2008 Christine was much more mellow than 2011 Christine. Both equally awesome though. 

According to iTunes, I have listened to "Vito's Ordination" by Sufjan Stevens 120 times & I am not at all shocked. It is quite possibly the most beautiful song I have ever heard & I will absolutely never grow tired of it. 

"Vito's Ordination" - Sufjan Stevens

Also on the list? Lots of The National, Bon Iver, Passion Pit, Ryan Adams & Crystal Castles. Maybe sometime I'll provide a full list. I am ashamed of nothing.


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