i was there : tiësto

Show: Tiësto

Location: The Mid

Date: 6.26.11

Favorite Song: The thing about Tiësto is that his sets are just so cohesive. They have a perfect flow with no awkward space & they just seem like they all have to coexist together in order to be portrayed in the best way possible.

Memorable Moment: I was 10 feet away from the best DJ in the world. Insane. Never again will I see him in such an intimate setting. Words can't describe the night.

Biggest Letdown: I was really hoping to hear Kanye's "Lost in the World" again. I heard it at Ultra & absolutely loved it. Maybe I'll be lucky & get it on Friday at Electric Forest (yeah, that's right. I'm seeing him again in less than a week).

This Show: was unreal. Seriously, such an insane experience. I was with such a fun group of people who really loved the music & everyone was just so happy to be there. Also, I was pretty pumped to have an excuse to wear my sequined short shorts again. Little victories.

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