the countdown

Apologies in advance, because things are likely to be a little sparse on this blog during the next week or so. I'm t-minus 2 days away from my big move. Finally! Last time I moved, I decided to sub lease my apartment last minute & things moved very quickly. This time, it seems to have dragged on forever. I think a lot of it has to do with the excitement of having my own place again, & a somewhat large one at that. 

I also can't wait to be in my new neighborhood. My current place in Wicker Park is pretty great, but I just feel so much closer to the action in my new apartment in Bucktown. I've spent the last several weekends wandering around that area & it honestly puts the biggest smile on my face. Or maybe it's just the Big Star tacos.

It's still TBD on when I'll be getting internet set up, but I promise to share the progress as soon as I can!

Oh, & my thoughts are with all of those at Roy's Home Furnishing (okay, my thoughts are with my new sofa too). I was just there 2 weeks ago ordering my new sectional & now the place is burnt to a crisp.


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