i was there : m83

Show: M83

Location: The Riviera

Date: 5.4.12

Favorite Song: "Wait" really was my favorite once again. I think it just puts me in a good place. In an effort to mix it up a little from last November, I'll go ahead & say that "This Bright Flash" was a close second. That song is just 1+ minute of straight energy. If I was ever to head bang at a M83 show, this would be the song to do it to.

Memorable Moment: I personally preferred seeing M83 in the more intimate setting of Lincoln Hall last November, but you could see that the band was in awe of playing a place as large as The Riv. That's a pretty big leap of venues in such a short period of time. Not only that, but The Riv was sold out & packed to the brim. Kudos on that win.

Biggest Letdown: This show seemed to be a little on the shorter side. I thought the same thing back in November, but just chalked it up to it being the second show of the night. After Lollapalooza, M83 will have played 4 shows in Chicago over the course of 9 months. Why not dig a little deeper into your six album discography & mix it up a bit?

This Show: Was pretty on par with their performance in November. I hope that they mix it up a bit at Lollapalooza, but it was still a really good time.

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