i was there : above + beyond

Show: Above & Beyond

Location: Congress Theater

Date: 5.12.12

Favorite Song: You've got love it when a crowd really comes alive for a song & "A Thing Called Love" seemed to be the one to do it. It's one of those feels good songs, so it's easy to see why. I think this song also delivered the most hand hearts I've ever seen at a concert.

Memorable Moment: To be completely honest, I don't really like listening to Above & Beyond. They are meant to be heard live, not through shitty Apple earbuds. I went to this show because I was looking for something fun to do & I knew A+B would be a good time. They hit the nail right on the head this night.

Biggest Letdown: I really hate creepy guys that try to prey on girls at concerts. I'm talking to you, Mr. Mad Hatter.

This Show: was therapeutic. Really though, it satisfied my very rare desire to hear trance music. I can enjoy it when the mood strikes, but typically it's not my thing. Above & Beyond definitely put on a show.

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