I like to take my time & explore my options whenever I'm making a big investment in something. When it comes to apartment shopping in Chicago, most don't really have that luxury. If it's a decent place, you need to jump fast or else it's gone. Well folks, pounce I did. I found the perfect one bedroom right in the very heart of Bucktown. The location is prime & I see a lot of potential in these place, even through the photos below might say otherwise.
First off, the living room is HUGE with high ceilings as well. The whole layout is really pretty unique (which I love). Up those little steps is the kitchen, the bathroom, and a fairly small bedroom. I love the built-ins just in front of the kitchen & what isn't pictured is the front of the unit with great windows & even more built-ins. The whole front is pretty much one long bench to hold the television & other things (speakers, art, record player, etc).

My biggest concern is probably closet space. There isn't much to work with. I need to get back in & really think about things, but I'm thinking of creating a little closet in that little corner in the photo directly above. Ikea has $10 clothes stands & I could get a little screen to hide the mess (more on the closet ideas later).

I've been kind of obsessed with drawing out layouts & figuring out what sorts of furniture I'll need to get. The sofa & some rugs will likely be my first purchases, since the floors in the unit aren't the greatest. I want to get a small dining room table to put in front of the built-in in the first photo, as well as some side tables/bookshelves/etc. There will definitely be a trip to Ikea in my future, which may be the thing I'm most excited for. 

I'm really excited to have a place that is not only all mine, but also bigger than the shoebox that was my old apartment. You can definitely expect me to document things along that way, & if you're lucky, you might even get an invite to my first ever house party in the new place!

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  1. Looks awesome!! This is one of my favorite tools for moving -- http://www.bassettfurniture.com/tools/room-planner.asp

    Add furniture to your actual bedroom size, to scale!