i was there || beyonce

Show: Beyonce

Location: United Center

Date: 7.17.13

Favorite Song: I'm slightly embarrassed to admit this but "Naughty Girl" was my favorite of the night. I also thought "Run the World (Girls)" was a smart opener as well. If I was the right demographic I would have gone nuts.

Memorable Moment: I've always been a fan of the good old costume change. The dancing + theatrics were quite impressive as well. I was also totally obsessed with Bey's hair flips. I would kill to have her hair for a day. Essentially, everything was memorable but the music.

Biggest Letdown: These tickets were free through work so of course I was thrilled to get the opportunity to see a show like this, but 30 minutes probably would have sufficed for me. My days of pop music are over.

This Show: was one of the first stadium shows I've been to in quite some time. I'm pretty sure my last was in junior high. They're personally not my thing, but I get why some people might like them. They're flashy + entertaining,  but I prefer my shows to be a bit more intimate.

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