i was there || thievery corporation

Show: Thievery Corporation
DJ Mel

Location: House of Blues

Date: 7.31.13

Favorite Song: It seems appropriate that after the nine year anniversary of Garden State that I would have to go with "Lebanese Blonde." That soundtrack turned me on to Thievery Corporation plus the song sounded great live. Definite baby making music.

Memorable Moment: Concert goer comradery + some kind souls who offered up a much better view of the stage. DJ Mel wasn't so bad either.

Biggest Letdown: Most of the crowd was great, but I just happened to encounter the biggest piece of trash in the venue. I called him out for flicking sweat in my face + he just absolutely lost it. What an embarrassment.

This Show: was a shitshow. So much randomness. So many good stories. I've never experienced anything like it at a concert. Overall, not the best venue to really appreciate the music, but I still had some fun.

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