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Show: Matmos

Location: Jay Pritzker Pavillion

Date: 6.27.13

Favorite Song: I'm having a really hard time deciding between the song about liposuction + the song about telepathy. Only joking. There was a lot of weird shit going on at this show, but mixed throughout was some seriously impressive music.

Memorable Moment: It was pretty hilarious to see the random crowd gathered for these two total weirdos up on stage. My favorite was the 60+ year old lesbian that had her ears plugged with her fingers because the music was too loud + her partner didn't want to leave. Also noteable: the homeless guy totally passed out.

Biggest Letdown: I went to this show with a friend that has pretty great taste in music. He assured me that these guys would be good so I didn't doubt it for one second. Apparently what we heard was not at all like the LPs. I wish I could have heard more of that.

This Show: was free music on a beautiful night at one of Chicago's best place to see shows. No complaints even if it was all a bit odd.

via Robert Loerzel

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