i was there || hot chip

Show: Hot Chip
Bear Mountain

Location: The Vic

Date: 8.1.13

Favorite Song: "I Feel Better" (mostly because of the music video) + "One Life Stand" will always be two of my favorite songs to hear live, but "Flutes" jumped towards the top as well at this show. The minimally choreographed dancing (think Electric Slide-ish) might have contributed to the love. It's a great song though.

Memorable Moment: Normally I would say Alexis Taylor's amazing outfits, but for this show I'm going to have to say Joe Goddard + everything he did. His voice, the pelvic thrusts, his shorts + t shirt, everything. I was situated right in front of him which is probably why I got to really appreciate his contribution to the performance with this show more than others. He's essential to it all.

Biggest Letdown: I'm still waiting to hear "Wrestlers" or "The Warning" or some other lesser known but extremely awesome song of theirs. I appreciate that they want to play their more popular stuff + I get it because they have so many great, fun songs. I'd just like to see it mixed up a bit. One day...

This Show: was my favorite Lollapalooza after show of the 5 I made it to which says a lot because I honestly enjoyed all of them. I said it that night, but I will never miss a Hot Chip show. As long as they keep performing I will be in attendance. These are repeatedly some of the most fun shows I attend + the music sounds perfect every time.

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