sweater weather

What a sorry excuse for a Summer, Chicago.

As much as I want to complain about this 75ish degree weather, I can't. It's so comfortable outside even if deep down I prefer to be a little more toasty. It's the middle of August now so I've more or less accepted that things aren't going to be warming up much from here.

Fall has arrived.

The only good thing about season changes is the excuse to add a few more items into my closet. In the upcoming months I'm hoping to replace some boots + finally get a much coveted leather coat as an early birthday present to myself. It's also time to replace some of my sweaters that have become bally/pilly over the years.
Today is payday, so after paying off my credit card I rewarded myself with these 3 beauties from Nasty Gal. They're all pretty affordable around $50 each. I guess this is starting to make the transition to Fall a bit easier.

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