Lately, I've been really drawn to the idea of layering rugs as opposed to having one huge area rug. I already have an amazing Souk area rug from West Elm in my living room, but I'm thinking more for my bedroom.
I like layered rugs for me because I sometimes get afraid to introduce color to my rooms. Right now I have a very grey + white bedroom + I'm thinking of layering in some natural colored, sheepskin + blue rugs to add just a little pop of color.
Layered rugs can also be a more affordable option since large rugs can cost quite a bit of money. You can even start with a very affordable (maybe not the best quality) rug as the base + add more luxurious rugs on top.
I have some thoughts on 3 styles of rugs that I'm leaning towards for the bedroom, but I think that will likely be a 2014 project.

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