i was there || alt-j

Show: Alt-J

Location: Lincoln Hall

Date: 8.4.13

Favorite Song: Breathe in. {INHALES}. Exhale. {EXHALES}. "Bloodflood" forever. Our at least until they come out with a new album

Memorable Moment: It was cool to get there early + snag a spot in the balcony. Although I did feel a bit like a jerk for not offering this up to someone that had been walking around at Lollapalooza all weekend

Biggest Letdown: This show just didn't compare to their show at the Metro + it had so much much potential. Yuu'd think my favorite venue + my favorite band would be able to pull it together, but no such luck. As much as I think these things don't really matter in the grand scheme of things, Alt-J really needed their lighting.

This Show: Alright boys. Time to make a new album already. You've performed in Chicago four times since the Spring + we need more cowbell songs. And let's go easy on the interludes next time.

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