in with the old, out with the new

All of the coolest home design bloggers are doing it. Buying old houses that is.

My favorite of the homes is Daniel + Max's Victorian home in the Hudson River Valley. Daniel's documenting the renovations on his blog Manhattan Nest. This house evokes both fear + excitement.
Fear, because it really is in pretty awful shape. Excitement, because one room in + Daniel + Max have done a phenomenal job with a once terrifying kitchen. And for only $1,000 at that.

I've always been a hands on learner + I'm incredibly jealous of this endeavor. I want a dilapidated house of my own to transform into a masterpiece. I want to learn + makes a million mistakes along the way. I want to finish all of the renovations in probably 40 years time + feel a sense of satisfaction.

Really though, these guys are miracle workers + for now I just anxiously await the reveal of the next room.

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