i was there || washed out

Show: Washed Out

Location: Metro

Date: 9.13.13

Favorite Song: "Feel It All Around" was definite baby making music, which we all know I love. It was a very close call between that + "Amor Fati." It makes sense though since those are my two favorites from the albums. I think the former stuck with me the most though.

Memorable Moment: There stage was a bit like an arts + craft project gone wrong, but I really liked the whimsy to it. Things like that matter to me.

Biggest Letdown: It was crowded in that venue + I walked through the doors a bit too late. I found a mediocre spot in the balcony, but I would have liked to have been on the floor.

This Show: was not what I expected. I really enjoy listening to Washed Out but I did have a slight fear going into the show that it might be a bit boring to hear live. I was 100% wrong in that assumption. It was lively + exciting + I'm glad I snagged some last minute tickets.

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