i was there || flume

Show: Flume

Location: Metro

Date: 9.4.13

Favorite Song: I stayed for about half of the set, but "Insane" for sure.

Memorable Moment: The stars aligned when I won free tickets to a show I had been wanting to see for a while. Not the best show I've seen, but I would have regretted not going. Also, kudos to the kaleidoscopic backgrounds. I love a good visual counterpart.

Biggest Letdown: There were several things wrong with this show, but I think they could all be easily fixed. Flume at the Metro on a Wednesday was not a good idea. I think the experience could have increased tenfold if the show was at an appropriate venue on the weekend. Secondly, I felt like Flume tried to read the crowd too much + as a result the bros in the crowd made the music suffer. There were one too many drops in what could otherwise be perfectly beautiful songs.

This Show: Made me want to fast forward about 5 years or so to a time when Flume is a bit more mature. He's got skill for sure, but seeing live made me realize he hasn't fully reached his potential yet. I'd love to see him doing live band sets in the future as well.

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