i was there || couchapalooza

Show: Lollapalooza from my couch
Icona Pop
Crystal Castles
Queens of the Stone Age
Band of Horses
The National
Postal Service
Vampire Weekend
The Cure

Location: Bucktown

Date: 8.2.13-8.4.13

Favorite Song: The Cure's "Love Song" probably topped the list for me. These old guys may look a little scary but they sound fantastic. During the set I even commented on how it's crazy that so much of you changes as you get older, but your voice can still sound nearly identical. Mind blowing stuff right there.

Memorable Moment: Postal Service has such a nostalgic place in my heart + seeing their second to last show was something special. I've never actually seen them perform live before but spent hours upon end listening to them in high school. They sounded pretty fantastic too.

Biggest Letdown: As a long time Crystal Castles fan I was not at all feeling Alice Glass' blonde hair. I also thought that I might like Queens of the Stone Age a bit more than I actually did. They just didn't really do anything for me.

This Show: Live streaming the festival from the comfort of your own home was not a bad option at all. The main reason I sod my Lollapalooza ticket was because the lineup wasn't enticing enough to walk around for hours + hours in questionable weather. I went the after show only route, but it was nice to see a few additional acts on screen.

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