i was there || disclosure + sbtrkt

Show: Disclosure + SBTRKT

Location: The Mid

Date: 8.2.13

Favorite Song: Starting the night off with "When A Fire Starts To Burn" was exactly what I was hoping for.

Memorable Moment: Of all the shows this week I was most excited to see Disclosure. It's pretty awesome to see such young guys do their thing + rise to fame. They deserve every bit of it. What they're creating is on a different level.

Biggest Letdown: I wanted to see a live album set much more than I wanted to hear a DJ set. I got to hear a bunch of stuff from the album + the DJ set was a good one. Their album is just so. damn. good.

This Show: was my one "rager" of Lollapalooza weekend. It's crazy how much my taste in music has evolved over the years. I used to be at The Mid every weekend, but now I can't really stand the lines + lack of a dance floor. I loved this club when it first opened, but now they have such an emphasis on private tables + bottle service. That's not how I want to be enjoying my shows. I want to be out on the dance floor with my fellow music lovers. I wish they would pull that out for some of the sold out shows.

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