i was there : alt-j

Show: Alt-J
Hundred Waters

Location: The Metro

Date: 3.28.13

Favorite Song: So many to choose from. "Dissolve Me" has always been my favorite song on the album + while it sounded great live nothing could top "Fitzpleasure." That song was made to be performed live + the production to accompany it was perfection.

Memorable Moment: I can't really recall specifics, but there were several points in the night when I just got the worlds biggest smile on my face. As lame as it sounds, there are few other ways that can make me as happy as a perfect live performance can. The Metro that night was definitely my happy place.

Biggest Letdown: I wasn't too impressed with the opener, Hundred Waters. I also wish this concert could have lasted about 10 hours longer than it did.

This Show: was one of the best concerts I've been to in quite some time. My excitement was pretty high going into the night + Alt-J did not disappoint. This was definitely one of those shows that was completely worth getting to early in order to grab a front + center spot in the balcony. I'm so excited for them to come back for Lollapalooza.

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