i was there : autre ne veut

Show: Autre Ne Veut

Location: Schubas

Date: 3.2.13

Favorite Song: I didn't know many of the songs by actual name, but I can say that "Ego Free Sex Free" definitely stood out as the sexiest song of the night. I think every show should have at least one of those in the set.

Memorable Moment: It can't be easy for Arthur Ashin to sing like that song after song, but he sounded great throughout the show. I've said this a million times, but what really blows me away when I see shows is when someone sounds better live that on an album. I'd say Autre Ne Veut accomplished that quite well.

Biggest Letdown: I loved the show, but I wouldn't necessarily say that this is the type of music I typically gravitate towards. Some of the slower, more emotional songs were a little harder for me to get too into ...which is why it was that much more entertaining to see the guy in front of me scream/singing the lyrics with his hands waving in the air.

This Show: was quite the concert to win free tickets for. Thanks, Schubas! I liked what I heard from the album after just a couple of listens, but I really didn't know if it would translate well to a live show or not. It did + I'm glad I'm making more effort to go to shows I'm less familiar with.

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