i was there : django django

Show: Django Django
Night Moves

Location: Metro

Date: 3.15.13

Favorite Song: It's not necessarily my favorite song on the album, but I think starting with "Hail Bop" was a good setup for the rest of the show. "Skies Over Cairo" was another that I never really took notice of on the album, but I thought it translated well at a live show.

Memorable Moment: I was pretty excited when the coconuts came out. They got me dancing + that's definitely something I look for in a concert.

Biggest Letdown: I would have criticized the weird matching outfits, but I just finished the chapter on uniforms in David Byrne's "How Music Works" so I feel like I kind of get it now. There were a couple technical issues with the show though + while the recovered fine, it still got slightly awkward at times. Especially because I couldn't understand what that crazy irishman was saying.

This Show: was my second concert of the month that I won tickets to. Pretty great, huh? I did have every intention of buying tickets, but then it sold out + then free tickets magically appeared. Trust me when I say that I am so appreciative of getting to see concerts I otherwise might not have been able to, so thanks, CHRIP!

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