i was there : local natives

Show: Local Natives

Location: The Vic

Date: 3.21.13

Favorite Song: I loved that they started the show off with "You + I," but my favorite of the night was "Columbia." It's recently come to be my favorite song from the new album, which I plan to share more on in another post. Honorable mention also goes to "Bowery." I had a feeling that would be a cool song to hear live + it was.

Memorable Moment: unbeknownst to me it was guitarist Ryan Hahn's birthday + the awesome Chicago crowd broke into a lovely rendition of "Happy Birthday." I felt very proud to be a transplant Chicagoan at that moment.

Biggest Letdown: I don't have many complaints about this show, except maybe the chicks that were violently kicking our seats. I gave them a nice long death stare though (I'm quite good at those).

This Show: was my first ever show at The Vic + also my 100th "I Was There" post! Quite a big deal. I know it's probably shocking that I've never been to The Vic before, but every time I've had tickets for a show there they've sold out + moved it over to The Riviera. I was a big fan of the venue. Oh! + I also gained a new concert buddy at this show. That's always a win.

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