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If you're like me + like to keep notes on different things, then I highly recommend the Day One app. I've started using it for this little series, but I also see it as a great resource for any business or creative types out there. I also love that you can add photos + tags to each post so it makes it easy to sort through the different items. If you're looking for a digital journal, I don't think they come any better than Day One.

I've been living in Chicago now for 7+ years without a car, so I know I put in my far share of miles just from walking. I've always been curious to know what my long translate to in terms of actual steps. With Moves, you can keep track of steps while walking, miles while running + apparently miles while biking, but I haven't gotten to test this one yet. I have some concerns that Moves is killing my battery life a bit faster, but otherwise it's been pretty fun to track my performance.

This Google Chrome extension has been on my shit list as of late, but I guess I have this horrific Chicago weather to blame more than the actual extension itself.  Living in the Midwest, you find yourself checking out the weather quite frequently because you really never know what the next day (or hour) might bring. Currently is just an easy extension built right into your browser that keeps you updated on the latest weather. Additionally, this customizable extension allows you to pick the color. I chose black because Chicago's five day forecast brings me to a dark place.

Google Reader is dying + all of the cool kids are moving to Feedly (or so says Mashable). Feedly has had over 500,000 new members in two days since the announcement about Google Reader going away. I've migrated myself + have to say that the interface is pretty great. It always takes a little time to adjust to these new things, but I think Feedly is a fine alternative.

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