concert commandments

1. Technology is your friend. When you're at a show silence your phone, don't use a flash, + if you're really considerate dim the lights. Go ahead, take a souvenir photo with you, but no more than 3 per show. Don't take any videos because the quality is going to be shit anyways. And definitely no selfies.

2. Know your place. Concerts are social places. Groups come together + often want to chat. That's what the bar is for. Don't you dare ever continuously chat in front of a very attentive patron.

3. Mind your elbows. And your purse. Often times concerts are quite crowded + no one wants to have to experience a show in fear. And when it comes to personal belonging less is often more.

4. Think before you speak. Just because the artist responded to something clever someone in the crowd yelled it doesn't mean they'll response to your lame ass attempt to make the crowd laugh.

5. Use your brain when you break the rules. Sneaking in a flask? Great. Trying to enhance the experience in other ways? Even better. Chances are that plenty of other people are trying to do the same. Let's just pretend like we've done this before + don't be super obvious.

6. Save your singing for the shower. I sing at concerts but always under my breath. Don't belt it out. People are paying to hear the artists, not you.

7. Concerts are a great date option, especially for newer couples. And even better if you're a bit shy. You don't have to talk much but you learn something very important about your date; you get to see how their bodies move. And if the show is right + you're lucky you might even get to do some hands on learning. Just don't spend the whole night getting to know each other verbally + don't make out the whole time. It makes everyone feel awkward. Everyone.

8. Close the gates when you're standing in the crowd. No one wants to be next to the asshole that is letting everyone cut through the crowd. There's only so much we can take. But don't be a dick when the occasional person is trying to pass through. 

9. Venues are for concerts. Bars are for getting hammered. I've confused the two before plenty of times, but generally you should try to not be a completely out of control slob.

10. Respect the system. Respect security. Respect the bartenders. Respect other concert goers. Just because concerts are your time to let loose it doesn't mean you act like an ass. Cooperate + make the experience better for everyone.

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