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Show: James Blake
Nosaj Thing

Location: The Riviera

Date: 11.13.13

Favorite Song: On one spectrum it was Joni Mitchell's "Case of You" cover which was slow + beautiful + on the other spectrum it was "Voyeur" which made me wish I was in a dark club somewhere. "Voyeur" is pretty intense live. A new favorite. Also notable was "Retrograde".

Memorable Moment: I had a lot of feeling during this show. I like when performances can do that.

Biggest Letdown: This wasn't the first show I've seen at The Riviera Theater where the sound wasn't great + I have a whole post coming on concert etiquette, but my biggest letdown was that I didn't see more of Nosaj Thing. I should have arrived earlier, although the show did start quite early. I hadn't even realized that Nosaj Thing would be the opener + that was even after listening to the new album earlier in the week. What I saw was great, just wish I had seen more.

This Show: was incredibly dynamic. His songs completely range. Sometimes I wanted to be in a dark club + other times I wanted to be in my bedroom crying. Both good things. I thought he sounded perfect + he did a good job ping ponging between slow + fast.

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