i was there || disclosure

Show: Disclosure

Location: House of Blues

Date: 10.24.13

Favorite Song: "When a fire starts to burn. Yeah. And it starts to spread..." Really there is no topping that one if you're not a fun hater. "Grab Her" also stood out as a song that's much better live. Every song was perfect though.

Memorable Moment: It still kind of blows my mind just how young these guys are yet they have so much talent. Mercury Prize Nominee talent. (I personally thought they should have won). The crowd was very much into this show + that was a total reflection of all of the great things that were happening on stage. I can't wait for their next album.

Biggest Letdown: I wasn't thrilled to hear this show was going to be at House of Blues after my last experience + was even less so when I saw how ridiculous security was being. No chapstick? Really? Thankfully the bar area was pretty empty + I was able to snag a good spot in close vicinity to some much needed alcohol.

This Show: was perfect. I'm a bit biased since Settle is one of my top albums of the year, but the performance was truly great. I think the only thing I might change up is having "Help Me Lose My Mind" + "Latch" more in the middle of the set as opposed to the encore. They're a bit slower + I always like when shows end with a bit of energy. Everything was spot on though.

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