my first apartment

My first apartment did not look like this.
I hate to make assumptions but I'm going to take a wild guess + assume that this chick has a bit more disposable income on her hands than I did a year or more ago. Although my first apartment didn't quite look like this, my second one is coming along quite nicely.
I actually feel like there are quite a few similarities between both of our aesthetics + I find this apartment to be very inspiring.
 One of the most noticeable differences between our two places is that her furniture appears to be a bit more vintage + rustic which I love. I very much have gone the West Elm-esque route, which is nice + convenient but does have a little less character than some of these vintage pieces. I'm trying to mix the two a bit more, however it would be much simpler if I had a car + could go hunting for these unique, older pieces.
 And what about her new job? Working with J.Crew + Madewell must be a fantasy life. Can we take a peek inside her closet too?

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