i was there || escort + jc brooks + the uptown sound

Show: JC Brooks + the Uptown Sound

Location: Metro

Date: 11.16.13

Favorite Song: There were plenty of good ones but really nothing tops "Cocaine Blues".

Memorable Moment: I've heard plenty about JC Brooks + the Uptown Sound over the years but I don't think I'd ever actually listened to their music until this show.They were fun. I think I'd prefer to hear them live than through my headphones, but they kept the party going for sure.

Biggest Letdown: I always get slightly disappointed in myself when I make shows more about the party + less about the music but then I realize that's silly because I had a fucking blast.

This Show: I needed a fun night out + this show did the trick. People can be flaky, but it's nice to know you can always count on Escort to make things okay.

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