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Show: Jon Hopkins

Location: Lincoln Hall

Date: 11.23.13

Favorite Song: I honestly don't know the names to many of his songs but I do know I particularly enjoyed "Breathe This Air". Lincoln Hall has a wonderful sound system + the beginning of this song felt a bit like a choir of angels singing. Totally beautiful. But then things got slightly more aggressive. The crowd loved it.

Memorable Moment: So there must have recently been some event at Lincoln Hall because there was a blue helium balloon up in the rafters. About halfway through the show it decided it wanted to join in the fun that the crowd was having + slowly made its way down to the crowd as the helium seeped out of it. It got a few love taps + then bounced right back up to the ceiling. It was one of those things where you probably had to be there but it was beautiful.

Biggest Letdown: I didn't stay to see Clark + I kind of hate myself for that. It had been a long week, a long day + sometimes I just don't have it in me. Hopefully our paths will cross again some day. Also, there were a few Cloverfield-esque moments to the Jon Hopkins show but generally it was pretty perfect.

This Show: was the most lively I've seen Lincoln Hall in a while. I always get a little wary about seeing electronic shows at Lincoln Hall because typically they are weird, but this was not. It was energetic + fun + I bet if I pushed my way to the middle of the crowd I would have felt like I was in a club. I was very impressed by Jon Hopkins. He managed to make the night fun + the music quite pretty. I also feel like the crowd was filled with genuine fans. That is not always the case at shows I go to.

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