Although I skipped my Ikea trip this past weekend (yachting takes precedent), my sectional has arrived & things are starting to come together quite nicely in the new homestead. As I've been working on some of the finishing touches of the place, I noticed one void that could go a long way in my place...
Adding a bar tray to the console in my dining area would be the perfect addition & it's quite a fun project that is near & dear to my heart (I kid). I'm already brainstorming on the different bottles I will want (Bombay Sapphire, Grey Goose, Kraken, EFFEN, & Hendrick's come to mind). Maybe I'll put some of the uglier liquors in glass bottles like this:
One of the great things about living alone is that I can keep this bar tray stocked & beautiful because not too many people come & go through my place. It used to drive me nuts when I would buy my yummy flavored vodkas & then my roommate would steal it & give it to the whores girls he brought over. Luckily those days are behind me.

Again, decorating the place has been a pretty slow process as I try to afford all of the different things I want. Try to hold tight on photos of the place for just a little longer! I promise I'll share some more sneak peeks as soon as I can.

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