i was there : shut up + play the hits

Show: LCD Soundsystem's Shut Up & Play the Hits

Location: Music Box Theatre

Date: 7.18.12

Favorite Song: They really picked a great variety from the MSG show. "All My Friends" is such an intense song & you could see that in the way LCD Soundsystem performed it. "New York I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down" was the final song of the night & it was pretty amazing to see all of the emotions of stage & in the audience. It must have been just such a surreal moment for all of them. My favorite, though, would have to be "Losing My Edge." It is such an awesome song & it was cool to hear James Murphy talk about some serious fears he had while writing that song.

Memorable Moment: I love hearing & seeing those deeper moments of the band I love, but this film was also f'ing hilarious. Like when James Murphy made fun of the reporters that ask him if Daft Punk really played at his house. His super cute puppy made a few amazing cameos that I loved as well. But nothing could top the crying kid. Go see the film & you'll know what I'm talking about.

Biggest Letdown: This documentary was phenominal in every way, but it made me disappointed in myself for not finding some way to make it to the final show at Madison Square Garden. I tried & I was quick on the trigger right when they went on sale, but like thousands of others that tried to buy tickets during the initial sale, I was without luck. This might have just been the concert of my generation.

This Show: was one of the best films I have ever seen. It was filmed very well & had a perfect balance of behind-the-scene moments & live footage from the MSG show. After every song I felt the desire to clap my hands in applause & was thrilled when others in the audience actually did it. This film will also forever dub James Murphy as the coolest guy on earth. He is responsible for creating some of the best music of my life & at the end of it could just step away from it to fulfill his goal of being just a normal guy. I hope he's living the life of his dreams, but I also hope that this isn't really the last we see of LCD Soundsystem. I want the change to redeem myself & make it to one last show with that beautiful giant disco ball.

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