i was there : purity ring

Show: Purity Ring with Born Gold

Location: Schuba's

Date: 7.13.12

Favorite Song: "Obedear" is one of my top songs of the year so far & you could really tell that a lot of people in the crowd were in agreement with me. It has the perfect amount of energy & is just really interesting. On top of that, Purity Ring performed it flawlessly.

Memorable Moment: This was unrelated to the actual show, but pretty darn special & memorable to me none-the-less... Throughout the show I was standing right next to the merch booth in a pretty good spot just behind the sound board. Purity Ring was selling their unreleased Shrines albums & mentioned it throughout the show. When I went to the bathroom during the show, my sneaky little boyfriend purchased one for me & surprised me in the cab ride afterwards. I was in utter shock. It was so nice.

Biggest Letdown: My energy levels were at an all time low as I got to Schubas. Things improved a bit as I got into the bar/venue & grabbed a PBR, but part of me wishes I was dancing at the very front for the whole show.

This Show: was very impressive. You never really know if the live performances of up-and-coming artists will live up to their studio tracks, but Purity Rings definitely surpassed my expectations. I think we're going to see big things from these two kids. (Seriously, though. They're younger than me!)

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