i was there: wavefront (sunday)

Show: Wavefront - Sunday
John Dahlback
Guy Gerber
Eric Prydz
Duck Sauce

Location: Montrose Beach

Date: 7.1.12

Favorite Song: Eric Prydz put on a phenomenal set with songs from his new album, as well as some great remixes. "Allein" as well as the remixes of Daft Punk's "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" & M83's "Midnight City" were among my top picks. 

Memorable Moment: I parked myself in the sand near the back fence of the North Stage for a while & got the biggest kick out of watching group after group of highschool kids jump the fence. The security was a complete joke & about 95% of those that jumped the fence made it into the festival just fine, but it was pretty entertaining to watch the pandemonium that ensued for a minute or two. Of course this was all set to great tunes, so it made it that much better.

Biggest Letdown: Storms earlier in the day prevented many of the DFA crew from being able to perform. I wouldn't have gotten to the festival on time for their performances anyway, but I would have liked to see Shit Robot, Pat Mahoney, & James Murphy not only perform, but also do so at a later time

This Show: was growing on me. Once I figured out all of the line nonsense, day two was quite enjoyable. I also really liked how they kept the North Stage filled with acts that the older, more EDM experienced crowds could enjoy, while the South Stage housed all of the neon-clad ravers. Overall though, I was pretty shocked at how old attendees were. Totally different scene than what I saw at Spring Awakening which is great.

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