i was there : pitchfork (sunday)

Show: Pitchfork - Sunday
Oneohtrix Point Never
Beach House
Vampire Weekend

Location: Union Park

Date: 7.15.12

Favorite Song: I have a pretty love/hate relationship with Vampire Weekend. "Run" & "Horchata" are so far in the love category that I can excuse songs like "Cousins." I kind of loved getting to hear them live for the first time.

Memorable Moment: Beach House is just so dreamy & puts me in such a good place. I'm really tormented now because although I just saw them, they're playing again at The Riviera in October & I'd love to see them indoors. Only problem? It's the same night as Frightened Rabbit at Lincoln Hall. What's an indie-loving girl to do?

Biggest Letdown: I love AraabMuzik's Electronic Dream album, but what I heard at Pitchfork sounded nothing like it. This was a little to aggressive for my taste & they dropped one too many N-bombs for a festival full of little, white hipsters.

This Show: was hot, but perfect. Pitchfork is feeling more & more like my "happy place." Until next year...


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