i was there : john talabot

Show: John Talabot

Location: Smart Bar

Date: 9.28.12

Favorite Song: I didn't really know whether to expect just straight remixes from Talabot or not, but was pretty thrilled when he started getting into songs from Fin like "Depak Ine" & "Oro y Sangre." That whole album could just be on repeat for forever & I would be a happy girl.

Memorable Moment: Giant thanks to CHIRP Radio for the free tickets to the show. I was planning to make it to the show regardless, but it's always awesome to get free stuff & get to cut your way to the front of the line.

Biggest Letdown: I wish I had caught a little bit of the Orchard Lounge performance. I've always enjoyed their sets. Luckily, they never seem to be too far.

This Show: Was one of the better shows I've been to this year. It also kind of revived my faith in the Chicago music scene (not that I ever really lost it though). These are the shows that I want to make it a point to see more often. The experience just improves tenfold when you're in such an intimate setting. & it definitely didn't hurt that I had such a great dance partner to share the night with too.

photo from @soundfusemag

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