Today is my birthday. As much as I would like to, there is no avoiding that. My trick to make these next 24 hours go as quickly as possible is to turn it to everyone's favorite topic: themselves.

We all have birthdays! Did you know that each birthday has a story associated with it? I don't normally read too much into astronomy + things like that but The Secret Language of Birthdays site is quite fun + they claim to be fairly accurate:

The personality traits shown here were found to be held in common by 90% of those born this day + were discovered during a 40-year empirical study of the life stories of more than 20,000 people.

I'm sold.

I tend to agree with my assessment, both good + bad. I like to think of myself as imaginative but sometimes that comes at the cost of isolating myself. Something I'm working on. It's actually a bit scary how spot on this seems to be for me. I've heard others say the same. Do you agree?

You can pair yourself up with significant others, family members, friends, + co-workers to see how well you vibe with them.. It's makes for a fun conversation at the very least.

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