i was there || guy gerber

Show: Guy Gerber

Location: Spy Bar

Date: 11.29.13

Favorite Song: Although I wouldn't necessarily put Guy Gerber in my favorites list I did enjoy his Essential Mix from September + I would put this night on par with that set. That being said I don't totally recall all that I listened to, but he did a good job getting me to dance.

Memorable Moment: Guy Gerber is kind of a babe. Not a bad thing to watch at 3 am. Perfect facial hair.

Biggest Letdown: Spy Bar will always kind of give me the creeps, but I believe I got to say the words: "Do I need to spell this out for you? I am not interested. This will never happen. Please leave me the fuck alone." It seemed to finally do the job with this random creep. I normally try to let people down as nicely as possible, but it felt kind of good to let it out. Girl power.

This Show: wins the award for my sloppiest concert of the year. I should have been long passed out for the night by the time this show started, but that coffee beer at Scofflaw was a bad idea. If you can't sleep then dancing is probably the second best option.*

*Debatable. I can think of a few other things.

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