Lately I've been reaching new levels of creepy, not only in life but also on Etsy. I mentioned that I've been finding some treasures on this gem of a site, but I failed to mention that these came at 2am while searching "taxidermy." Total weirdo, I know.
When I get inspired I run with it. Lately that has involved all things wild + natural. So furs, gems, skulls, feathers, antlers, + yes, maybe even preserved dead animals. I've started slow with the fox fur + bunny hide in the photos above but I've got my eye on a few more natural beauties.

Welcome to the freak show...

Now before everyone goes crazy on me, I love animals. I would never condone the mistreatment of animals + so far my purchases have all come from ethical means. I believe in the circle of life. Why be wasteful?

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