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One of the best moments of my birthday was getting to sit down + really take a listen to Jamie xx's 6 Mix. This special thing happens every once in a while when I listened to mixes like this. My ears totally perk up + I get super into one particular song. The tricky part is trying to figure out what this wonderful mystery song might be. Thankfully this 6 Mix came with a tracklisting + I guessed right on my first try.

I call that musical fate.

The song in question is Depthford Goth's "Objects Objects" + it is absolutely perfect. The whole album is really. This is probably my second favorite. I liked it so much that a vinyl of this album was one of the two gifts I bought for myself. The one shitty part? He played at Schubas exactly one month ago. The WORST.

You can hear Jamie xx's mix of it at the 55:30 mark HERE.

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