i was there || jagwar ma

Show: Jagwar Ma

Location: Lincoln Hall

Date: 11.27.13

Favorite Song: I think "What Love" is great start to both the album + a live show. It has an interesting intro that builds well before going a bit nuts.

Memorable Moment: I kind of love how the lead singer looked like a modern day Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Really though, they all just kind of looked like they didn't give a fuck. True rock stars. They made me want to go on a trip to Australia.

Biggest Letdown: I was really looking forward to this show after enjoying their album + seeing little bits from their Pitchfork Paris show but it was pretty boring. There is so much sound yet so few instruments. I think they could make the show much more exciting + dynamic by adding a few more to the ensemble.

This Show: was pretty okay. It sounded just fine, but I expected more. On first listen Jagwar Ma reminded me a lot of Tame Impala who put on unbelievable live shows. This one just didn't quite do anything special for me.

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