life round here

Nothing major, but I've been making some teeny tiny adjustments to my apartment lately. Namely, revisiting my once very colorful bookshelf. I guess it's no surprise, but I decided to tame it down with a black, white, + metallic theme instead.
I also finally got around to framing my Debbie Carlos ice cream print + Laure Joliet Saint-Jean print. Those things are quite large + didn't make for a very fun 2 mile walk from Target, but so so worth it. I love the way they look in my home.
My parents were just in Chicago for Thanksgiving + my awesome mom brought me about 5 different plant cuttings. This one above (+ also below) is my favorite. My dad brought me a fancy toothbrush. They love me so much.
I've been spending a lot of time on Etsy lately hunting for some of these unique treasures like the gold four leaf clover + antler above. I had quite a few people visit my apartment for the first time + most seemed to comment that my apartment was very unique + "me." I like that.

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