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Every year I make my birthday wishlist + every year you guys fail miserably. Like to the point where I'm just buying myself the gifts I want. I crossed the Debbie Carlos print + Linus bike off my list from last year + I'm already making decent progress through my list for this year:

On my wish list once again. One day I'll get around to treating myself to some pretty things. Until then, if you guys want to start the process, please, by all means, go ahead.

Frends 'Taylor'
For how much I love music it is a bit surprising that I haven't invested in a decent pair of headphones ever. These may not be the best from a sound perspective but they sure are the prettiest. Priorities, people.

I've been adding a few (1, 2, 3) pieces to my collection over the past few months so I'm satisfied on this at the moment. However HERE are a few more that I love + would like to eventually .

Disco Ball
$50.00 or more
Must be 20 inches at least or it's unacceptable.

Gypsy Water Eau de Parfum
I love my Diptyque but I'm ready to mix my scents up a bit. I feel like this one just comes with a whole attitude adjustment when you wear it too.

Record Player
This one is on the list again even though my collection of vinyl keeps growing. I'm being a snob on this though + I want the best. This will be my one big reward for myself for the year. I'm hoping to actually put my Santa money towards this one.

Mongolian Fur Pillow
I only needed to spend about $5 to unlock the 20% off offer at West Elm but this was on my wish list + we should all know by now that I get what I want. No regrets with this purchase.

Leather Jacket
$300 or more
Does pleather count? Excuse me. Vegan leather. I was delusional to think that this would be the year I could splurge on both a coat + a record player. We all know my priorities lie in music. This is a nice affordable alternative though + it will definitely hold me over for the season. I've gotten quite a few compliments too.

For Love + Lemons Skivvies
I just think this is so beautiful. It's one of the loveliest pieces of clothing I've ever seen + I want it on my body. It's okay buying pretty underthings for yourself but it's so much more fun if someone gives them to you.

Tom Dixon + Diptique Candles
$80.00 + $60.00
I like fancy candles. So sue me.

Gem + Mineral Calendar
I plan to start my crystal collection sometime soon + this calendar is a perfect match for that. I know, I'm such a hippie but I like pretty things. Including rocks.

Alright guys. Time to step up your gift-giving game.

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