i was there || poliça

Show: Poliça

Location: Metro

Date: 12.5.13

Favorite Song: "I Need $" has won it's way into my heart as my favorite off the Shulamith album + it sounded pretty phenomenal live.

Memorable Moment: I'm kind of obsessed that Channy wore a black bob wig for the first half of the show. I legit got super confused + thought she was Asian. In terms of the most memorable though I have to call out the opener Lizzo. Please do yourself a favor + spend some time of YouTube looking her up. She was unreal in the best way possible.

Biggest Letdown: I was really hoping to hear "Happy Be Fine" but no such luck. That song has been on heavy rotation for me this year + even though it was on their previous album I was still hopeful.

This Show: was like my dream band come to life. I've been into Poliça for a bit but I had never before realized that their band was comprised of a singer, bass player, + 2 drummers. I've always said that if I could play any instrument it would either be the bass or the drums. I'm all about keeping the beat + evidently that's all that Poliça is about too. Very cool surprise for me. Definitely among my top shows in 2013.

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