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Show: Andrew Bird

Location: Fourth Presbyterian Church

Date: 12.11.13

Favorite Song: Admittedly, I have not listened to Andrew Bird in quite some time yet I still knew this would be a great show. I quickly gave his latest album a listen the day of the show + had one song really stand out. "Pulaski At Night" sounded even better live. I'm biased towards songs about Chicago though.

Memorable Moment: Andrew Bird has mastered the art of concert story time. Not all artists can do that, but his stories + lessons were quite enjoyable. At one point he was telling a more serious story + said "Sometimes the worst thing you can do to someone is nothing." That one stuck.

Biggest Letdown: It didn't really matter because the acoustics were still great, but sadly I nabbed the very last seat in the house in the way back. I kind of enjoyed taking in everything from the very back but it would have been cool to be up close to really see everything.

This Show: is how I imagine concerts in heaven to be like. It was so unbelievably beautiful in that church. Seriously, I wish all concerts could be held in churches. The sound was amazing + the setting was so perfect.

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