something unexpected pt. ii

I had seen Local Natives a few months prior at Pitchfork & was really impressed by their performance. For some idiotic reason, I was too blindsided by some of the other acts coming to Chicago that I didn't even think twice about getting tickets to their October show at the Metro.

Lucky for me, this was not the case with my friend. He got a pair of tickets & I was the lucky recipient to the other half.

The night started off quite well. I enjoyed the two opening acts, but I did feel a little pressure to keep up with the boozing as my friend had been drinking all day. About one song into Local Natives' set, my friend "went to the bathroom". About five songs after that, I got a text from him telling me to "come down the street to Vines".

Excuse me? You just walked (read "stumbled") out of an awesome concert & left me all alone?!

That was my first solo concert experience & I still had a blast. Mostly in part to the incredibly talented Local Natives & probably a small fraction to the vodka & waters I had been drinking.

I've wandered around festivals by myself before, but there was something different about watching a set start to finish (mostly) by yourself. I still danced & sang out loud & I had a really, really good time. That's comforting to know. I don't feel out of place being alone & I'll be perfectly content with my own company if I ever am scrambling to find someone to go to a show with me.

Local Natives wasn't quite the experience I was expecting, but the show was great & I learned a little something about myself along the way.

Thanks, Dan!

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