i was there : the twelves

"Seven" - Fever Ray (The Twelves remix)
Show: The Twelves

Location: The Mid

Date: 4.22.11

Favorite Song: I can't keep my hips from shaking during the remix of Fever Ray's "Seven." It makes me melt every time.

Memorable Moment: Introducing an old friend to The Mid & having a great time. She quickly realized how skewed the guy to girl ratio tends to be & we had fun with that. I might have created a new partner in crime for The Mid ;)

Biggest Letdown: I wish The Twelves had played longer. I only saw part of their set because I expected them to play until at least 4 am. No dice. I also heard rumors that Rusko would be making an appearance after his show at The Congress. Sadly, that wasn't true either.

This Show: was a fun way to round out a night of shows -- old friends, good music & lots & lots of disco dancing!


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