i was (almost) there : masquerade motel

So for those of you who aren't familiar with what exactly happened at Swedish House Mafia's Masquerade Motel, I will explain: Swedish House Mafia put on their own little mini-festival on the beaches of South Beach as a little bit of a "Fuck you" to the people of Ultra. The event was planned on the Saturday of Ultra from 2-11pm & was mirrored off of the beach parties in Ibiza. I learned of this event after I had purchased my Ultra tickets, weighed my options & decided that I would probably have another chance to see any of the acts I might miss at Ultra. I would not, however, be able to re-live the Masquerade Motel party so I bought myself a ticket. My friends & I left Ultra Saturday afternoon & arrived at Masquerade Motel around 7pm. I went to pick-up my tickets at will call only to find that will call was deserted. Then we overheard some people talking to a security guy about how no one else was being allowed entry to the event. The fire marshals came & decided the tent was overcrowded & that it was a safety hazard to allow anyone else in. What occurred during the next hour that I stood outside waiting patiently to get my turn to go in was a total joke. The fire officials were being blatant pricks (see below). The security guards probably came out of the event banking in the most money (see below). I was filled with fear & total disappointment (see below). I made a mistake. I should have stayed at Ultra

Show: Masquerade Motel
Swedish House Mafia
Arman van Helden
Calvin Harris
Dirty South
Thomas Gold
Max Vangeli
Kim Fai
Pete Tong

Where: South Beach (Miami, FL)

Date: 3.26.11

Favorite Song: "F*** You" by Cee Lo. Oh wait...
I actually did get to hear a decent amount of music from standing outside for close to an hour. It was hard to enjoy though

Memorable Moment: So hard to choose -- Fire marshal making out with a smoking hot girl so her friend could get in? Security guys getting wads of cash to sneak people in? Threatening to have the gate I'm standing at the very front of rushed by an angry mob of people? Tasers? Pepper spray? What a joke

Biggest Letdown: Do I really need to answer this one?

This Show: was a huge disappointment.

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